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Congratulations to Luke Stevens and Jon Barnes and the Acre Jean Team for their success in becoming the inaugural Cosworth Caterham Masters Champions.

Caterham CSR Cosworth at Monza 2005

Ross Maxwell
Luke Stevens & Jon Barnes Ross Maxwell

Champions Luke Stevens & Jon Barnes and the Governor in the Chevron B19.

Luke Stevens leading a race in the British R400 Championship

Chevron B19 (21) 1971 chassis no.03 and Chevron B8 1968 chassis no.37
Both cars at Nurburgring 2004

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1990 Caterham Vauxhall

Caterham R400 at Spa

Caterham R400 at Magny Cours

1971 Chevron B19

1968 Chevron B8

1972 McLaren M8FP

1974 Chevron B28 F5000

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The Acre Jean/Unusual Rigging Caterham Superlight R is jointly sponsored by
Acre Jean Ltd
Unusual Rigging Ltd

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